Monetising Wi-Fi


AdCard Services

Imagine if your Wi-Fi could do more. With AdCard you can make the most of your guest Wi-Fi – your customers can access the internet; you can engage with them on site. Pitching products directly to them in real time and understand if your adverts are working… All this without encroaching on your guests’ privacy.

With our simple platform you can get your customers to access your Wi-Fi in 5 simple clicks without them giving away any information. What you do with those 5 clicks is entirely up to you as well! They, can be adverts, promos, surveys, product launches – the world is your oyster. Managing all of this is a piece of cake with our super simple back end function. What’s not to love? So, go on give AdCard a try and see how your Wi-Fi can work for you!


Free guest Wi-Fi is important but with AdCard you won’t just have Wi-Fi logins – you’ll have meaningful interactions. AdCard gets your customers online quickly and without asking for any of their personal information. This allows you to promote your business and products and ensures they’re getting the most from their visit. With our simple platform, you can customise your adverts, play them in real time and manage your cards easily, in house, as regularly as you need to!


With AdCard, you can truly engage with your customers as well as build relationships with your suppliers. Offering targeted, time and location specific advertising, meaning you can build loyalty with your guests and promote your suppliers. By endorsing businesses in your community, you can grow an economically and socially sustainable network. And this, in turn, will build trust and organically improve your customer experience!


AdCard is a fun, quick and easy way to increase revenue by raising awareness of your business, brand and product – live. AdCard offers you a new, low-cost channel for your marketing efforts. Using the AdCard deck, you can update your customers on any relevant information and upcoming events, present advertisements, promotions and get customer feedback. Not to mention the opportunity to barter advertising space with your suppliers to build a mutually beneficial relationship and help each other grow!


Information is power. This is why, using our user-friendly back end platform, you can easily measure numbers that really matter – visit frequency, customer dwell times, understand your busiest times and more. With valuable customer insights such as these, you can better understand your guests and increase revenue through targeted marketing. Crucially though, we don’t compromise your customer’s privacy as AdCard protects your customers’ right to privacy and doesn’t gather any personal data. It’s a win, win!


Barter has been around for thousands of years and technological advancements have meant that the concept of barter – and its value-generating potential – has evolved. The benefits of barter cannot be underestimated and – with AdCard, it’s so easy to do. Using AdCard you can negotiate deals with your suppliers in exchange for an advertising spot via one of your slides. This is or, you can pair up with another business in the community that uses AdCard and advertise through each other’s slides. And if you have more than one business, with AdCard you can easily promote your other premises with reciprocal adverts. The possibilities are endless!

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