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At Inkspotwifi, our objective is to foster a more interconnected society and facilitate agile interactions between people and businesses.


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Inkspotwifi, operates over 700 strategically positioned networks, across the UK, spanning shopping centres, retail parks, town centres, and over 300 Forecourt C-stores. Our core objective is to deliver seamless, free, and secure guest Wi-Fi, which is a critical asset for businesses of all sizes. Meticulously monitored from our headquarters in Edinburgh, Inkspotwifi leads as the primary guest Wi-Fi provider continually expanding high-speed coverage nationwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide seamless, secure, and free guest Wi-Fi, alongside innovative footfall counting solutions, event Wi-Fi services, and Wi-Fi connectivity for car parks and EV charging points. We strive to enhance connectivity within the retail and leisure sectors, simplifying access to dependable Wi-Fi and offering innovative business solutions to drive engagement and growth.


Our Vision

Our vision at Inkspotwifi is to emerge as a premier provider of comprehensive connectivity and business solutions, facilitating connectivity for business across diverse settings in the UK. We aspire to enable seamless connectivity and offer innovative business solutions, empowering enriched customer experiences and fostering sustained business growth. 

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