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Footfall Counting Solutions.

At Inkspotwifi, we provide a comprehensive, fully managed, and monitored end-to-end service. From procuring and installing broadband lines, to designing and maintaining your custom network, hardware, registration, and landing pages, we take care of every aspect to ensure seamless operation and exceptional performance. 


Footfall Potential

Transforming your business is easier than ever with our innovative footfall counting solutions. Understand customer behaviour patterns, optimise staffing levels, and maximise marketing efforts based on real-time data. With footfall counting you’ll gain a competitive edge, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately boost revenue. All this in just three simple steps; Track, Count, Analyse


Uncover the Foot Traffic Story

Step into the world of data-driven decision making with Inkspotwifi. Our cutting-edge footfall tracking solutions provide you with unparalleled insights into the flow of visitors to your establishment. 

From bustling retail stores to vibrant streets, our technology tracks every step, painting a vivid picture of your foot traffic landscape. With real-time updates and intuitive dashboards, you’ll have a front-row seat to the story of your business success. 


Precision at Your Fingertips

At Inkspotwifi, accuracy is our mantra. Our advanced footfall counting technology ensures that every visitor is accounted for with pinpoint precision. Say goodbye to estimation errors and hello to reliable data you can trust.

Whether you’re analysing daily foot traffic or measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, our solutions provide you with the accurate counts you need to make informed decisions with confidence. 


Turn Insights Into Actions.

Knowledge is power, but action is key. Armed with comprehensive footfall data, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities for optimising operations. Identify peak hours to optimise staffing levels, pinpoints high-traffic areas for strategic product placement, and fine-tune your marketing strategies to maximise impact. 

With our insights guiding your decisions, you’ll transform your business into a well-oiled machine, poised for success in today’s competitive landscape. 


Footfall Potential

Smart Insights Securely Delivered

Collect your data and insights in the knowledge that our solution is 100% GDPR and privacy law compliant and does not intrude on your visitors. 

Our people counting sensor uses radar technology for an anonymous footfall tracking solution, without the use of video cameras. 



We're very happy with our experience with Inkspotwifi. Their proactive approach and dedicated team make them standout. They not only helped us increase commercial income, but also went above and beyond in non-contractual matters.

Additionally, their Wi-Fi service significantly improved our business at George Yard. Customers are directed to our homepage, where they can sign up for newsletters and receive the latest offers from retailers - which supports our marketing efforts as a business. 

I strongly recommend Inkspotwifi - their commitment to improvement and unparalleled service sets them apart, nothing is too much trouble for them!

George Yard
Shopping Centre

Working with Inkspotwifi has been a pleasure. Oliver and the support team are always very helpful.

The team at Inkspotwifi played a crucial role in achieving our business goals and overcoming challenges. They expanded our Wi-Fi coverage and installed new counting technology, contributing to our success - which has also added value to the Pantiles shopping experience. 

I highly recommend Inkspotwifi to others for their great service and their dedication to improving.

The Pantiles
Shopping Centre

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