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Discover seamless Wi-Fi solutions tailored for retailers, town centres, and pop-up events. Elevate customer engagement, drive foot traffic, and spark sales with our expertly crafted network infrastructure and data-driven insights.

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We deliver free, fast, and secure guest Wi-Fi to businesses of all scales across the UK

With over 700 active networks nationwide, Inkspotwifi has established itself as a leading provider of public Wi-Fi networks in bustling areas, including shopping malls, retail parks, town centres, and over 300 forecourt C-stores.

Our seamless guest Wi-Fi is essential for encouraging customers to stay longer, spend more, and engage with your business. – With sales and support offices in both Edinburgh and London, we guarantee fast and reliable service to our clients.

Using the latest hardware, supported by the most intelligent software, Inkspotwifi has built a network which is monitored remotely and around the clock by our dedicated team.

Our Solutions

Retail Wi-Fi

Enhance customer experiences with our premier Wi-Fi service, tailored for shopping malls, town centres, BIDs, and business of all scales across the UK. Enjoy seamless connectivity and enhanced engagement at your precinct. 


Experience top-tier accuracy and exceptional value with our cutting-edge radar counting technology. Tailored reporting meets flexible solutions for both indoor and outdoor events, guaranteeing comprehensive tracking capabilities for all occasions.  

EV Point Wi-Fi

Boost EV app downloads and streamline parking payments with our Wi-Fi service tailored for shopping centers. Enjoy seamless coverage even in remote spots and utilise customer idle time by promoting nearby attractions, maximising engagement.


Discover the power of VoIP, a modern communication game changer leveraging internet technology for cost-saving solutions and seamless connectivity, revolutionising traditional phone systems for streamlined, efficient business communication. 

Inkspotwifi has emerged as the market-leading provider of shopping centre Wi-Fi, experiencing rapid expansion

With Inkspotwifi, you can rest assured knowing that your Wi-Fi is legally compliant. We continuously monitor your service for usage and performance, filtering out undesirable or illegal content. Additionally, we capture and retain the necessary data to ensure we mitigate any risks 

Simply put - we simplify Wi-Fi

Client Testimonials

We're very happy with our experience with Inkspotwifi. Their proactive approach and dedicated team make them standout. They not only helped us increase commercial income, but also went above and beyond in non-contractual matters.

Additionally, their Wi-Fi service significantly improved our business at George Yard. Customers are directed to our homepage, where they can sign up for newsletters and receive the latest offers from retailers - which supports our marketing efforts as a business. 

I strongly recommend Inkspotwifi - their commitment to improvement and unparalleled service sets them apart, nothing is too much trouble for them! 

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George Yard

Working with Inkspotwifi has been a pleasure. Oliver and the support team are always very helpful.

The team at Inkspotwifi played a crucial role in achieving our business goals and overcoming challenges. They expanded our Wi-Fi coverage and installed new counting technology, contributing to our success - which has also added value to the Pantiles shopping experience. 

I highly recommend Inkspotwifi to others for their great service and their dedication to improving.

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The Pantiles

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