Our Approach.

At Inkspotwifi, we are not like competition. Our coverage area is up to 5 times larger than that of our competitors which can reduce the required capital investment for a wireless network infrastructure. 

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At Inkspotwifi, we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge wireless broadband solution, powered by patented smart antenna technologies and advanced signal processing algorithms. This innovative approach, not only enhances Wi-Fi signal coverage but also effectively mitigates interference from other signals, ensuring an unparalleled browsing experience.

Understanding that each location comes with its unique telecom infrastructure challenges and signal variability, we employ a diverse range of technologies. This strategic blend allows us to tailor our services to each site’s specific needs, guaranteeing a reliable, high-speed internet connection at a competitive rate.

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Our Technology

Inkspotwifi delivers high performance at a lower cost, thanks to our innovative hardware solution. Unlike mesh alternatives offered by other Wi-Fi manufacturers that are prone to connectivity issues, our system ensures seamless connectivity for users.

We effectively address challenges posed by low-power radios in devices, guaranteeing smooth authentication and connection. Additionally, our network remembers client devices, enabling swift reintegration upon return, enhancing overall efficiency. 


Our approach ensures seamless connectivity whether you’re in the heart of a bustling city o nestled in a remote area. What’s more, with Inkspotwifi’s network architecture, each local network is inherently scalable, effortlessly expanding to cover larger areas, accommodate more users, and deliver greater bandwidth. This flexibility empowers you to grow your network in tandem with your business needs, providing the essential support for your growth journey.

Telecoms / Fibre

To establish connectivity, we utilise an ADSL Telecoms connection as one of our primary methods. Our access points have the capability to seamlessly connect hundreds of devices simultaneously, ensuring fast and efficient Wi-Fi delivery to users. Collaborating closely with both our clients and telecoms suppliers, we prioritise upgrading from ADSL to fibre optics whenever feasible, enhancing overall performance and reliability. 

4G / LTE

In areas where telecoms infrastructure is limited, Inkspotwifi has devised a solution that delivers high-speed Wi-Fi through the 4G/LTE network. This alternative may offer an even speedier connection compared to local copper telecoms infrastructure.


We’ve partnered with Altai, a renowned supplier of Wireless Hardware, to guarantee top-notch Wi-Fi service for our customers.

For over 5 years, Inkspotwifi has trusted Altai for their reliability and outstanding performance. Presently, we boast over 50 indoor networks powered by Altai technology, primarily situated in high-traffic areas like shopping centres. Furthermore, we extend our services to outdoor networks across various locations including retail parks, holiday parks, and town centres.

Unique Controller Architecture

At Inkspotwifi, we employ a distinctive combination of locally deployed and cloud-based controller architecture. Each site is equipped with a local controller managing all local internet traffic, directing it straight to the web. Seamlessly integrated with a cloud-based centrally hosted platform, it oversees authentication, payment, and reporting mechanisms.

This innovative approach significantly reduces backhaul traffic from local access points, ensuring a markedly improved user experience.

How it Works?

We offer a complete end-to-end service, starting from the initial survey to understand your site-specific needs, all the way to providing hands-on support and regular reports once you’re up and running. Unlike other providers that adopt a DIY approach, we take care of everything with minimal involvement from you, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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No project too big, no challenge too tough!

No matter the size or complexity, we excel in managing projects across diverse landscapes, industries, and scales. With our expertise, your challenges become opportunities for us to shine. 
  • Competitive pricing & flexible payment options
  • Quick & easy login with high speed internet connectivity
  • Access to comprehensive network statistics and data capture features
  • Extend business reach externally to attract passing pedestrians
  • Excellent customer service with rapid fault response and repair

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