Samsung – Galaxy S7

Having problems connecting on a Samsung Galaxy S7?

Following the below guide will help you get connected to the Wi-Fi network.

1. Drop Down Menu > Settings

By default the drop-down menu on your Samsung will be arranged like the image on the right. What you are looking for here is the grey cog icon. Tap this, that’s step one over.

2. Settings > Connections

You will now be looking at a page with several options on it. You’re looking to find and tap “Connections”.

3. Connections > Wi-Fi

This will open up a list of all your possible connections on it. You’re looking to find and tap “Wi-Fi”.

4. Connect to Wi-Fi Network

This will show you a list of all Wi-Fi networks which are available in your local area. Tap on the Wi-Fi network which you are trying to connect to, and it will pop up the sign-in page. If this does not happen, simply tap on the Wi-Fi network name and it will appear.

5. Sign in to Network

You will now see a blank page which will be trying to load our sign-in page. In the top right, you will see a “More” button which you need to tap on.

6. “Use this network as is”

Now tap on “Use this network as is” and come out of this screen. You will now be connected to our network, and simply have to open your chosen internet browser (Internet/Chrome/Firefox/etc.) which will take you to our login screen.