The iPad is a great device for consuming content, giving it a brilliant WiFi connections just makes it better. Here is how to do it.

WiFi On iPad

1.Homepage > Settings

By default the icons on your iPad will be arranged like the image on the right. What you are looking for here is the silver icon that has cogs interlocking. Tap this, that’s step one over.

2.Settings > Wi-Fi

You will now be looking at a page with several options on it. You’re looking to find and tap “Wi-Fi”


Flip the Wi-Fi toggle to the right, it will turn blue and say “On”, your iPhone will begin to scan for networks. All that’s left to do is to click on “Inkspotwifi”

4.Sign Up

Your iPad will then display a pull down asking you to sign in. This is the best part, simply fill in your email address, postcode and choose your gender. Once you’ve done this your iPhone will be fully connected to our WiFi network.