What We Do

What We Do

Inkspotwifi offers an end to end service which is fully managed and monitored. We take care of everything from ordering broadband lines, designing the network, procuring and installing the relevant hardware to designing and maintaining your bespoke registration and landing pages.

Shopping Centre WiFi

Inkspotwifi is the market leading provider for shopping centre WiFi, expanding at a rapid rate. We have over 150 shopping centre networks now live around the UK. We currently run our service for major private landlords such as Savills, Knight Frank, Praxis, Elandi – to name a few. We offer complete branding for the client along with full customer access to the dashboard and data.

Retail Park WiFi

Inkspotwifi provide WiFi networks to retail parks throughout the country.  Retail wifi can be challenging to implement due to the lack of infrastructure however we always have a solution for any problems that arise and no obstacles posed by the site have prevented us from delivering fast, cost efficient and much needed WiFi to our clients

Town Centre WiFi

Inkspotwifi provide WiFi infrastructure to town centres across the UK, catering for the needs of local governments and the people they serve. We offer a fully inclusive service including all telecoms and set up as well as valuable data capture. The WiFi network we supply to town centres increases dwell time in the area and, through the email database and the social media feeds we provide, allow more direct marketing to customers along with enhanced branding for the centre

Smart Sanitiser

Inkspotwifi have teamed up with a top manufacturer and one of the UK’s leading out of home advertising agencies to bring you these digital hand sanitiser units which produce an additional revenue for you!

Still not convinced?

We provide an end to end service – from the initial survey, to understand your site-specific requirements, to the on-hand support and the regular reports we make available to you once you’re up and running – we will do it all for you.  Whilst other providers have a more DIY approach, we’ll get you up and running with minimal involvement from you – leaving you to take care of what you do best.

On top of all that we offer;

  • Best value for money with very competitive pricing and a variety of options for spreading the costs of the WiFi network
  • Best customer experience, with a quick and easy login process and high speed internet connectivity.
  • Innovative ideas for revenue generation from the Wifi network.
  • Detailed Network Statistics and Data Capture
  • Ability to extend internal mall network externally to promote your business to passing pedestrians
  • Excellent customer service with rapid fault response and repair

We deal with projects of all shapes and sizes and our extensive experience across a variety of locations, terrains and business types means that we won’t be fazed by anything you can throw at us!

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