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WiFi For You

No Matter what device you’re on, connecting to our WiFi is a breeze. Why should connecting be complex?

3G uses power, heaps of it. Your device will last 20% longer on our WiFi. You can also use it on devices that don’t have a data plan.

Once you’ve connected to our network once, your device will automatically connect next time you are in range of our WiFi.

(subject to location). Once you’re connected to our WiFi you can do whatever you like; surf the web, catch up on TV or Facetime your friends.

So you’re having an issue? Give us a call, we are here to help.

The best thing? Our WiFi’s free, If you want to be a premium user we guarantee to beat any other data plan.

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WiFi For Your Business

(900,000) UK premises can’t receive even a 2G signal.

Free WiFi installation covering all areas of your Holiday Park.

These networks provide full, high speed internet access for customers throughout the public areas of the Shopping Centre.

Event organisers and the public need to stay in touch. Connecting over WiFi will allow for a much better experience.

The Sponsor can deliver great personalised deals to the end user.

To get a more in depth view of what we can do look click find out more.


Samsung - Galaxy S7
Samsung – Galaxy S7
Mac OS X
Mac OS X