How We Do It

How We Do It

We're not like the competition.  Our coverage area is up to 5 times larger than that of our competitors which can reduce the required capital investment for a wireless network infrastructure.

Inkspotwifi’s solution is a unique wireless broadband using patented smart antennae technologies and signal processing algorithms. This award-winning solution dramatically improves the Wi-Fi signal coverage while minimising interference from other signals.

Every location presents a slightly different challenge in terms of telecoms infrastructure and signal availability. We use a mixture of technologies in order to provide the optimum service, thereby delivering a robust high-speed Internet connection at a competitive price.

To date we have had over 15 million connections to our Wi-Fi service.

Our Technology

Inkspotwifi offers superior performance, and is much less expensive to deploy and maintain. We utilise a hardware and software solution whereby a customer can connect seamlessly via our access points.   Most manufacturers of WiFi networking hardware offer a mesh solution which is inefficient and means that users have trouble logging on.  Because radios in laptops and especially smart phones are low power, while guests may ‘see’ a network on their devices, they will have trouble ‘talking back’ to an access point at any long distance.  Our architecture effectively deals with this problem meaning each customer is seamlessly authenticated and connected in no time.  On top of this, client devices are remembered when they return to the network allowing even faster reintegration with the network. All in all, Inkspotwifi’s network technology offers the best solution both in terms of cost and performance.


Our methods mean that whether you're based in a city centre or in a remote location, we'll get you connected! Not only that, because of the nature of the network architecture employed by Inkspotwifi, each local network is fully organic and can very easily be expanded to cover a greater area, provide greater bandwidth and manage additional users. This gives you the much needed flexibility to grow your network with your business.

Telecoms / Fibre

One of our methods of connecting the network to the internet is via an ADSL Telecoms connection. Access points can connect hundreds of devices simultaneously delivering a fast and efficient WiFi to the user. We work closely with all of our clients and our telecoms suppliers to upgrade from ADSL to fibre wherever possible. Many of our networks run at over 80MBs delivering excellent customer experience to our users.

4G / LTE

For areas with a limited telecoms infrastructure, Inkspotwifi have developed a solution that provides high speed Wi-Fi using the 4G/LTE network - this may provide an even faster connection speed than the local copper telecoms infrastructure.


We have partnered with Altai - a market leading supplier of Wireless Hardware - to ensure our customers get the best possible WiFi service.


Inkspotwifi has successfully partnered with Altai for over 5 years due to their reliability and exceptionally high performance offering.

Inkspotwifi now has over 50 indoor networks using the technology mainly in high footfall areas such as shopping centres.

In addition, we provide and service a number of outdoor networks across retail parks, holiday parks and town centres.

Unique Controller Architecture

We have paired our industry-leading hardware with a unique software platform enabling full, real time, remote monitoring and control of the network status and performance. Inkspotwifi employs a unique combination of locally deployed, cloud-based controller architecture. A local controller is located at each site which manages all local internet traffic routing it direct to the web. The local controller is linked to a cloud based centrally hosted platform which manages all authentication, payment and reporting mechanisms. This reduces backhaul traffic from local access points significantly, compared to the majority of our competitors who utilise a cloud-based solution to carry out all traffic routing. The result is a much more satisfying user experience. A cloud-based controller provides full network status, reporting, billing and authentication.