What makes for a successful retail and leisure outlet?

Service. Service, service, service is a real bugbear of mine! Done so well by some, done so badly by others. Good service makes a real difference to the customer.  Whatever the purchase, people remember that pleasurable experience they had, however, people remember bad service even more!  Making the customer feel special for those few seconds or minutes will have a lasting effect.  Likewise making your staff feel wanted will ensure they represent your business as you deserve and expect – never take your staff for granted, let them know you appreciate them.

Location. Where you are is key!  We see too many businesses close after less than 12/24/36 months and once again the premises is advertised ‘To Let’.  Investigate your area, investigate the potential market – is it the right footfall?  Find out who your customer could be.  It’s not about having the most stores it’s about being in the right place to serve your customer.

Adapting. Adapting to change.  Retail is a volatile world and being able to move with the times is key.  Buying patterns and shopper behaviour are forever changing and the high street needs to be flexible to such change.  If this means becoming a super showroom offering an unforgettable browsing experience to the shopper, followed by an amazing delivery service, or whatever else is required, then action needs to be taken to stay ahead of the game.  With the web being the preferred shopping avenue for many, the in-store experience needs to be a lot more memorable.

Presentation. From shop front to shop staff, presentation is vital.  As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!  Spacious, clean and welcoming shop window displays are what the customer wants to see, not cluttered, dark and uninviting ones.  As for the staff, ensure they are well presented and looking like they actually want to be there.  Make your staff feel valued and they’ll make the effort for you!

-Article by:

Oliver Toogood

Business Development Manager