Cwmbran Shopping Centre

Cwmbran Shopping Centre stands as a premier destination for shoppers, renowned for its convenience and vast array of offerings. With its expansive layout and 3,000 free parking spaces easily accessible from shops, it provides a haven for visitors seeking a diverse retail experience. Boasting an impressive 170 stores spread across eight distinct buildings, it holds the prestigious title of Wales’ largest shopping centre. 

Our Task

Our mission was to implement a comprehensive public Wi-Fi network throughout the entire shopping centre. Inkspotwifi was entrusted with this task, which required connecting 8 different buildings, while ensuring seamless user experiece despite the complex infrastructure. 


This task presented several challenges that required careful consideration and complex planning to overcome, due to the necessity of connecting eight separate buildings seamlessly. In addition, it involved working across different roof areas with many physical and permanent structural obstacles which required careful consideration. Furthermore, the successful completion of the project required close collaboration between our onsite operations team and our technical experts at headquarters.

Our Approach

To address these challenges, Inkspotwifi spearheaded the installation process. Firstly, we conducted a comprehensive site survey with one of the onsite electrical engineers, assessing both front and back of house areas. Subsequently, we developed a detailed network plan outlining the existing infrastructure across the 8 buildings and identifying any additional infrastructure needed. We used media converter switches and tough switches to establish connections between these buildings, while ensuring the optimal network performance.

At each location, we traced existing cabling from the old Wi-Fi antennas on the respective roof areas back to the corresponding switches. We tested and re-terminated all cables, replacing any damaged ones as necessary. Additionally, we removed outdated hardware and strategically installed new access points to optimise coverage, particularly in high-traffic areas.

At the same time, we coordinated with our tech team to ensure remote accessibility and monitoring of all installed hardware. Notably, one building, The Market Hall, required special attention as it was not on the fibre ring. To address this, we installed an additional BT data line, ran new cables, and mounted new access points accordingly.


By employing a combination of technical expertise and strategic planning, we aimed to deliver a robust Wi-Fi solution that would meet the needs of both visitors and management alike. 

Hardware That We Used

8 Media Converters – 7 Tough Switches – 16 AP’s

What We've Achieved

Through our diligent efforts and strategic approach, we successfully implemented a reliable public Wi-Fi network throughout Cwmbran Shopping Centre. By overcoming challenges posed by the project, we have enhanced connectivity and improved the overall shopping experience for visitors.

What's Next?

Looking ahead, we’ll focus on refining and expanding the network as needed. Continued collaboration with management will be essential to identify areas for improvement and implement innovative solutions. By remaining proactive and responsive to emerging trends, we aim to ensure that Cwmbran Shopping Centre remains at the forefront of providing modern and connected shopping experience for visitors.

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