Welcome, to our new client!

We’d like to welcome on board our new client - the Riverside Shopping Centre in Stafford!


Who’s the Client?
The Savills owned centre, situated in the heart of Stafford, is a £100 million, 190,000 sq ft development launched in 2016, creating 600 jobs across its 18 shops, variety of restaurants as well as a six screen Odeon cinema.  The centre is a vital part of Stafford, representing a major investment boost to the local economy of Stafford Borough, a reinforcement of the local community as well as an exciting place for locals and tourists alike to visit.

What we did…
With an immediate retailing catchment of 120,500 – equating to £207m spend – Riverside Shopping Centre were keen to connect with their visitors and understand how they could better serve their needs through the data such footfall would provide.  At Inkspotwifi, we were delighted to be chosen as the centre’s WiFi provider.  The scale of the centre presented the usual challenges, which our technology was more than equipped to resolve, however we were especially keen not to impact the modern architecture and overall aesthetics of the sleek building.  Avoiding creating eyesores across the curved glass roof and the stone frontage, we installed access points on the roof pointing down at the mall, ensuring robust coverage was provided in a discreet manner.

Thanks to Inkspotwifi’s award winning approach as well as cutting edge technology and hardware the Riverside Shopping Centre now enjoys a secure, fast and efficient WiFi network which effectively connects them to their customers.  

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