A positive outlook for retail? – Make the most of every opportunity with our digital marketing solutions

With the cost of living crisis trudging on, it is no surprise that the commentary surrounding retail projections for 2023 is far from encouraging. However, we firmly believe that in spite of the constant proclamations of the poor health of British shopping centres, retail parks and high streets, there are still many beacons of hope for the retail sector. Not least is the fact that a number of key players including Mango, IKEA and Primark are heavily investing in opening more stores throughout the year – with M&S investing a staggering £480 million into developing bigger and better stores – an undeniable acknowledgement that brick and mortar retail is here to stay. Furthermore, with businesses such as HMV and WHSmith bouncing back over the Golden Quarter; and retailers such as Lush, Waterstones and NEXT putting in strong performances over the Christmas period; we believe that there are many opportunities to grab hold of for the year ahead. As always, we want to ensure that our clients are able to make the most of these opportunities – meaning that we are constantly looking to develop ways to expand and enhance our digital marketing solutions wherever possible. Keep reading to find out more about our new partnerships, packages and offerings to help you bring together your strongest marketing strategy yet!   



Landlords and tenants need to have a strong grasp of who their visitors are, and what they are looking for. The ability to build visitor profiles and to more closely personalise their loyalty schemes on offer will provide the best possible opportunity for retailers to engage and retain customers. For our clients, each connection to the network presents an opportunity to learn more from their audiences, which in turn empowers the decision makers to tailor their premises, tenant types and marketing strategies more directly to their visitors. Our clients know that their WiFi registration and connection pages feature an instrumental data capture device, enabling them to collect a range of useful information which can be used in a multitude of ways. We understand how important these data collection and reporting capabilities are to our clients – and as such, we are now offering a new, enhanced package to bring you even more insights into your visitors.

Alongside the existing data and analytics dashboard, we can offer clients a bespoke monthly report which details invaluable site performance insights such as footfall and dwell time comparisons with nearby competitors, detailed visitor origins breakdown, year-on-year comparisons & more. 

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Inkspotwifi offers clients an affordable, state-of-the-art, highly accurate and discrete footfall counting solution to enable well-informed and faster decision making for shopping centres, retail parks, town centres, forecourts and more. We help clients track consumers’ physical behaviours and monitor visitor trends in order to develop actionable insights and analytics to help maximise every foot of your space.

Our solution helps our clients track their visitors physical behaviours and monitor trends in order to develop actionable insights and analytics to help maximise every opportunity. Visitor statistics are delivered to a central server in real time, with over 20 insight reports available to view and export to any 3rd party, allowing clients to integrate their data and create a holistic overview of their site’s performance.

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We offer state-of-the-art digital screens to empower retailers and landlords to bridge their online offering with the physical shopping experience.

Our D6 digital panels and small format SmartSanitiser screens are perfect for positioning at entrances and exits, seating areas and other high-traffic spaces – and are strategically located to display brand messaging at multiple key points throughout the customer journey.

We have created unmissable opportunities for retailers to capture attention and influence customer behaviour during their visit and beyond, with the ability to display dynamic, vibrant and ultra-contextual visual content. With QR code integration, our screens unlock vast potential for internal retailers to bolster their call-to-action, and encourage direct engagement with shoppers in proximity to engaging brand messaging and content.

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Many of our existing clients provide a free WiFi service throughout their precincts, covering areas of high footfall and long dwell times – with many clients now expanding their network into their on-site carparks to ensure the best possible coverage across their visitor catchment area. a significant number of shopping centres, retail parks and high streets across the UK are missing out on vital revenue due to their inability to provide customers with an adequate mobile signal, or access to 3, 4 & 5G connectivity while onsite – predominantly in areas such as basement and outdoor carparks and new on-site EV charge points. We believe this is a hugely important step for ensuring the customer journey is as smooth as possible, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to drive footfall by encouraging visitors to engage with facilities, services and businesses within the vicinity.

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