Make an impact with digital out-of-home advertising

With the gradual lifting of restrictions, brands have an invaluable opportunity to benefit from consumers returning to their normal routes and habits – whether back to the office, a visit to the shopping centre, or a weekend trip. 

Digital out-of-home formats offer contextually relevant advertising and unparalleled targeting capabilities, from location, audience type, consumer behavior, and demographics. By integrating DOOH into marketing and communications schedules alongside online and mobile advertising, agencies and advertisers can create a holistic and comprehensive approach to brand outreach – helping to establish a consistent brand presence across multiple platforms, and significantly uplift brand awareness and interaction.

Booking DOOH campaigns couldn’t be easier, with programmatic integrations alongside traditional booking channels meaning that you have full flexibility over your campaign, plus a wealth of creative opportunities to engage with audiences, helping you to positively influence consumer behaviour.

Our portfolio of SmartSanitiser D4 digital screens is expanding, having already built up a strong presence in shopping malls, forecourt c-stores and motorway service stations across the UK. Our network offers agencies and brands a range of exciting opportunities to connect with consumers via a direct one-to-one interaction, with great scope for further OTS.

By positioning our units in entrances & exits, seating areas and high-traffic thoroughfares, we create an unmissable opportunity to capture attention throughout the customer journey, and influence spending action during their visit and beyond. Supporting a range of creative types, QR – driven initiatives, and with the ability to book via a number of programmatic ad-exchanges, our D4 network brings an innovative and exciting digital format to the world of advertising in 2022.

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