Unlock additional revenue streams for your shopping centre

We are very excited to be rolling out our next phase of SmartSanitiser panels into retail environments across the UK!

Hand-sanitiser is an important step for customers to feel safe and confident. SmartSanitiser provides shoppers the reassurance they need, as well as the opportunity to interact with a huge variety of brands, offers, promotions and messages.

Via 3rd party advertising, SmartSanitiser empowers landlords to generate an additional stream of income for their shopping centres and precincts, as well as offsetting the extra costs of covid-safety measures.

Incorporate an exciting digital experience into your retail environment today – to find out more about our panels, contact us at [email protected] 📧

✔️ Units are 100% free of charge to host sites
✔️ Income stream via share of ad revenue
✔️ Easy to site close to POS or high footfall areas for maximum viewer impressions
✔️ Fully managed installation and maintenance 
✔️ Cloud-based control system to remotely provide troubleshooting service