Want to get noticed? Promote your shopping centre CTA with SmartSanitiser!

Whether it’s promoting an exciting in-store event, broadcasting exciting discounts and offers, communicating covid-protocols, or sharing your services and facilities – SmartSanitiser is the perfect way to get your message seen.

Hand-sanitiser is an important step for customers to feel safe and comfortable when navigating public environments. SmartSanitiser integrates a sleek and eye-catching digital panel with a contactless sanitiser dispenser, enabling landlords to directly engage and connect with audiences.

With the ability to position SmartSanitiser panels in entrances, exits and high-traffic areas within your precinct, we create an unmissable opportunity to capture attention throughout the customer journey, and influence their spending behaviour during their visit and beyond. 

Most importantly, SmartSanitiser creates an exciting opportunity for landlords to generate an additional source of income via 3rd party advertising, having partnered with a number of agencies to run digital advertising campaigns with both a regional and national reach. 

To find out more, or to trial SmartSanitiser at your site – get in touch with us today!

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