Finzel's Reach Wi-Fi

The challenge:

Finzels Reach Shopping Centre is perfectly located in the heart of Bristol’s vibrant city center, with a plethora of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars as well as the quarter’s weekly street food market.


The management of Finzels Reach approached Inkspotwifi in early 2018 to create a seamless user experience throughout the communal residence gardens, the retail and leisure spaces, Castle Bridge and the surrounding streets which lead up to it.  In addition to this, they required a WiFi network in the underground car park.  What made this even more of a challenge was working with both old and new buildings, as well as some listed structures, and linking all of these areas together.


In spite of the challenges however, we now provide a seamless network which encompasses the entire area.  Inkspotwifi will be working with Finzels Reach to provide even more coverage in the coming months.

Returning Users


New Users