Call to action

How does one convert that potential customer who passes near but not into their store? With so much competition both on & offline we are all fighting for the customer spend! Is it with better window displays, further discounts, excellent service or a mobile app even? The first two have been around for a long time now and the third is often not up to scratch. Good customer service is the way to retain and win new business. I am fed up with shop staff chatting with their mates while serving me, being unable to answer the most basic of questions or carry out such basic skills as being unable to measure ones neck. Service, service, service it should be drummed into all staff! The retail experience should be just that, an experience. You can give me all the discounts you like but none of it matters if the service is lacking! Good service is a reason to return, a reason the customer will make a conscious effort to come back, it’s what creates that call for action to come to your store, the reason someone will tell someone else and recommend your store. We customers are not cannon fodder,  you can’t take it for granted that we will keep returning ….

The app. As much as people like to think it we do not all walk round staring at our mobile phone/device when we are in a retail environment. This being the case, even if the potential customer has ‘your’ app, how do you make them get their device out of their pocket to see the offer? From the earliest opportunity that you have their details, when they register for your app, you need to engage with them, ask when & how they would like to receive offers for example. Many of us plan our shopping trips ahead of leaving the house, I for one hate getting my mobile device out on busy streets. Understand your customer needs, understand what makes them tick. It all goes back to service, face to face or online. Shopping centres, a huge opportunity with thousands of people passing through them each day, using the free wifi, and dwelling. Understand them, speak to them, serve them and they will return. Bombard them with pointless offers and bad service then it’s likely to be a whole different story.

-Article by:
  Oliver Toogood
  Business Development Manager