Selling technology to the older generation

We’ve all had that phone call from an elderly relative or friends of an elderly relative. “I’ve just got a new phone and I can’t even answer it”, “I’ve just had our new television delivered but how do we switch it on?”  We all find it most frustrating I am sure and half the time wonder who and why on earth they sold this phone and or TV to my parents etc.  Message to all phone/technology salespeople.  An 83-year-old does not need live premiership score alerts and Facebook feeds to their phone, they simply want to make and receive calls.  Likewise, with a TV – they do not need 101 channels and the ability to land a spaceship with their remote, they simply want to watch a few good dramas and the news, most of the time!

There needs to be a new approach in the training of staff in the way they deal with and sell to the silver surfers of our world. We all learn from the elder generation each and every day, please can we take the time to teach them even just the basics of how to use some of this ever-changing technology we are surrounded by?  Retailers teach your staff that each customer is different – each has a different need, they do not all want the same.  The approach to the elder generation must be different and your staff must be given appropriate training.  Even when it comes to the after service, this generation wants to speak with someone who will understand their needs, not spend an age trawling through internet pages of help; or trying to log a problem online; or having to get back in the car and drive back to the shop for further help.  Teach them the basics in the first place.  Issue the silver surfers basic guide, a set of instructions suited to them and their needs.  They’re a big market, who are living longer – look after them as they will look after you …..

P.S. Why is it that parents seem to phone with the trickiest of technical questions when you’re at your most stressed at work?!

-Article by:

Oliver Toogood

Business Development Manager