Sold out, again!

Sold out, again!

We’ve all been there; we’ve all experienced the annoyance of another sold out event.  You get up early, you stay up late, you set every reminder possible to make sure you are ready with your credit card to book that concert, theatre show, football match which you’ve been eagerly waiting for the tickets to be released for!  And then, after all that, the event is suddenly sold out on day one, at the first hurdle. You’re gutted and start scratching your head as to where you can find some tickets.  So like us all you run a Google search for the event and – guess what – there are plenty of ‘ticket companies,’ such as Viagoo, selling tickets for your event.  You know, the ones who refused an invite to the Commons Select Committee! Oh and to clarify they are not the only company doing this.

Something’s not right here, something smells funny – how is it possible that, on the day an event goes on general sale, it is immediately sold out BUT other companies are offering a large number of tickets at vastly inflated prices? Who’s supplying them?  How can they have such a huge supply of tickets but the venue etc. be sold out?  We need to stop this at the source – the line of supply to what, in my mind, is no more than legalized touting!  Why is this loophole possible, how can this be allowed to happen for near enough every event?  It seems beyond coincidence that so many ‘normal’ fans have tickets to sell on day one, as soon the general sale has finished.  It can’t be right that we live in an event world where the marketplace is ruled by resellers who simply inflate the prices and prey on the needy.  It makes me even angrier when one such company is owned by probably the largest official ticket company in the world, Ticketmaster.  They can’t lose; if you can’t buy a ticket through them at face value, they’ll sell you one at an inflated price a day later.  It’s just wrong!

Where’s the supply chain, the tour promoter, the venue, the band, many people buying maximum quantity to resell?  We need to get behind the likes of and to name but two companies who are operating with dignity and in the interest of the genuine fan wanting to buy a genuine ticket at a decent price!


-Article by:

Oliver Toogood

Business Development Manager