Car Park & EV Charge Point WI-FI: Why is it important?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying connected is more important than ever. While WI-FI connectivity has become a standard amenity in various public places, the one area that often gets overlooked is car park & EV charging point WI-FI. Extending your network to your onsite Car Parks and EV charge points is the next step towards a successful business and here is why.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Customer experience is today’s business benchmark and the primary goal of businesses. It is vital for businesses to invest in customer experience in order to boost sales conversions, customer loyalty and higher client retention. WI-FI connectivity in car parks and EV charging points can significantly enhance the overall shopping experience. Customers can stay connected to the internet while waiting for their vehicles to charge or searching for parking spots. They can utilise this time to browse & shop online. By offering WI-FI, shopping centres can create a more engaging and convenient experience for their visitors, encouraging them to spend more time on-site. This is a great advantage, especially in remote areas with low connectivity.

Boosting Dwell Time & Sales

Did you know that on average, customers dwell for 35 minutes at ultra-fast EV charge points? By providing WI-FI access, shopping centres can increase the average dwell time of their customers. Longer dwell time led to higher chances of customers exploring more stores, discovering new products, and making unplanned purchases. Additionally, WI-FI connectivity enables customers to access digital coupons, promotional offers, or loyalty programs while they are on-site, further incentivizing them to make purchases and engage with shopping centres offerings. This is a great way for businesses to take advantage of customer idle time to showcase what they have to offer.

Attracting EV Users

As of the end of June 2023, there were more than a million electric vehicles in the UK. While the concept of sustainability has been significantly increased, this brings the necessity for business to be more critical and deliver customer demands by embracing sustainable practices. The adoption of electric vehicles is rapidly increasing, and shopping centres can tap into this growing market by offering WI-FI enabled EV charging points. EV owners often spend significant time waiting for their vehicles to charge, presenting a valuable opportunity for shopping centres to cater to their needs. By providing WI-FI connectivity, EV users can make the most of their charging time, engaging in online activities, shopping, or even working remotely. This not only enhances the charging experience but also positions shopping centres as EV-friendly destinations, attracting a niche customer segment.

Encouraging Sustainability Practices

The availability of WI-FI enabled EV charging points aligns with sustainability goals. By providing an infrastructure that supports electric vehicle usage, shopping centres can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmentally friendly practices. This resonates with the increasing number of consumers who prioritise sustainability when making purchasing decisions, thereby attracting environmentally conscious shoppers to the centre.

Collecting Valuable Data

WI-FI access in car parks and EV charging points enables shopping centres to gather valuable data about customer behaviour and preferences. Analysing data such as the number of WI-FI users, demographics, dwell times, helps shopping centres make informed decisions regarding marketing strategies and overall customer satisfaction. This data-drive approach empowers shopping centres to optimise their operations and create tailor experiences that resonate with their customers.

A person inside a car, scrolling on they phone

Incorporating WI-FI connectivity in shopping centre car parks & EV charging points has become an essential aspect of providing a seamless and enhanced customer experience. By offering this amenity, shopping centres can boost customer satisfaction, increase dwell times, cater to EV users, and collect valuable data for strategic decision making. As the world becomes more connected, shopping centres need to embrace the digital age and recognise the importance of providing WI-FI access in the areas to remain competitive and meet the evolving need of their customers.

While offering EV charge points at your facility is a great way to attract customers, you can maximise its potential with these strategic ways to grow your business. At Inkspotwifi, we want to ensure that you are providing coverage in all areas of high footfall and dwell time and to maximise the potential of your captive audience and to ensure your customers are always satisfied. To learn more about the benefits of adopting WIFI connectivity at your EV charge points, get in touch with us today.